Supportive Strapping & Taping

Supportive strapping & taping has been used by sports men and women for many years. Using a professional physiotherapist to correctly apply the support though can make a huge difference… 

Using Supportive Strapping & Taping

The use of supportive strapping and taping has become more popular in recent years and is now widely used as part of physiotherapy treatment to help speed up recovery from injury, enabling people to remain active while they are injured.

The tape is applied, where appropriate, to the injury site and nearby lympathatic system.

This helps to relieve pain which occurs at the injury site by minimizing inflammation and providing support for the specific injury.

Therefore, for athletes wishing to continue training while their injuries heal, this can be an extremely effective method of treatment.


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If you have any questions or concerns about Supportive Strapping and taping then please do feel free to ask. 

When You Might Need Physiotherapy.

Although the tape may seem easy to apply, a physiotherapist who is trained in this method knows what tension is required according to the injury being treated, to ensure the treatment is effective.

Taping helps for many reasons as follows: 
Supporting Muscles, Helping to position muscles and joints, Reduces over-stretching of muscles, Allows range of movement, Reduces inflammation

Taping can benefit many conditions such as;


Muscle Injuries




Plantar Faciitis


Shoulder Impingement


Tennis / Golfers Elbow


Ankle Sprain


Neck Pain


Back Pain


Knee Pain

"Lovely, friendly place. I had tennis elbow and came here for 4 sessions of physiotherapy and acupuncture and I'm amazed at how pain free my arm is now. Definitely recommend."

Bev Walker, Cheadle Hulme.

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