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For over 30 years, The Etherow Clinic has been supporting clients in and around Stockport. Here is just some of their stories.

Andrew Jackson working with Olympic Swimmer, Rebecca Adlington

Andrew, who is a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, has been treating Rebecca, who is a huge ambassador for sport and healthy living. Rebecca endorses traditional acupuncture as an effective treatment modality, which she has relied on throughout her career, whether it be with niggling injuries or a frequent top up for general health and wellbeing.

To see Rebecca receiving an acupuncture treatment from Andrew, please click the video above.


“Andrew & Julie Jackson were a significant contributor in my rehabilitation from a fractured Scapula in June 2018, 13 weeks later I lined up for the GBR age group triathlon team in Madrid in the Long Distance Triathlon European Championships & amazingly came in 6th place after a long day at the office & pre qualified for the 2019 championships in Almere Holland. I cant thank Andrew & Julie enough for their positive attitude & tireless efforts to get me to the start line. I could not have dreamed of hitting this goal without them. Emotional & very thankful.”
Dave Bunyan GBR Age Group Triathlete

“Lovely, friendly place. I had tennis elbow and came here for 4 sessions of physiotherapy and acupuncture and I’m amazed at how pain free my arm is now. Definitely recommend.”
Bev Walker, Cheadle Hulme

“Well on 31st March 2017, I started treatment for bowel cancer and shortly after, I made an informed decision to have alternative treatment alongside chemotherapy. I visited the Etherow Clinic for a course of Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Reflexology, which would help to strengthen my immune system and treat the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment. I can honestly say that I believe this was a massive help, both in terms of helping me to relax and with regards to lessening the intensity of the side effects. The nurses at the hospital were very pleased with how I coped with the chemotherapy and were surprised at how well I weathered it. Now my hospital treatment has finished, I am going to continue with the treatment from the clinic for the foreseeable future and they have put a plan in place for continued support. Thank you so much.”
Iain Jordan, Offerton, Stockport.

“Having suffered with chronic mouth ulcers for over 30 years, I visited the Etherow Clinic initially for an allergy test on the advice of my dentist. Julie was extremely thorough in learning about my medical background and whilst the allergy test didn’t show anything really significant, Julie explained how she could potentially help using Homeopathy. Over the past few months, Julie has worked with me and found a remedy which has been amazingly successful in reducing my continual outbreaks of ulcers and has finally given me some respite! I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you Julie and team!”
Louise Healy, Stockport

“I have been a patient at the Etherow Clinic for about three years. The reason I started to go was for mobility problems. I have arthritis in my knees. Also a few months after my wife died unexpectedly, this caused a lot of stress, which affected my health. However, it has become noticeable that my general health is improving. For example: I had a chesty cough for several years between November to May but the last two years, I have been almost cough free. Also, for many years I had trouble sleeping but I have been sleeping much better. My mobility is still a problem but I ambeginning to feel more confident with my walking. 

The treatment I have is acupuncture and massage. The clinic is pleasant and well equipped and the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to listen.” 
L. Clarke 

“I have been treated for numerous problems, including asthma and back pain. During the process of the treatment I have had for my conditions, acupuncture, homeopathy and physiotherapy have been used with great success. 

The clinic environment is excellent for the use it is intended. All staff act in a very professional and courteous manner. I have been attending the Etherow Clinic since is opened. “ 
J Mullany 


Here To Help You

Hopefully these testimonials have given you a snapshot of how we like to work. Whether you are suffering from aches, pains, tension or anything else we can help with then please feel free to get in touch. 

Our Mission & Vision

“I’ve been treated by Andrew and the Etherow Clinic team for different issues.Extreme fatigue, caused by fibroids gave me irregular and heavy periods. I had surgery to remove the fibroids but was unable to resolve my energy levels and tiredness. The course of treatment I received included acupuncture, moxa and homeopathy and I found all treatments to be very beneficial, resulting in my improved well being and restored energy levels.

I’d been suffering with IBS type symptoms for a few months and returned to the Etherow Clinic for treatment. I had a Vega test which showed an intolerance to wheat and dairy. Yvonne and Julie provided me with a booklet and dietary advice with suggestions and alternatives to eat. I felt the effects of this within days, stomach cramps, pain and discomfort disappeared. In addition, I had a course of acupuncture which I felt the benefits of and I am a strong advocate of. They helped me make some lifestyle choices which I still reap the benefits from. I continue this treatment even now if I have a flare up and have, over two years, lost over two stone in weight.

The advice and support I have received over the last three years has been amazing and I highly recommend the Etherow Clinic. The clinic is a very relaxed environment and is a haven to recovery, no pressure, no heavy selling of products, just kind advice, excellent knowledge, professional manner and continued support.”
M Donovan

“I have been a patient for many years and in recent years, mainly for arthritis but I have also sought advice for symptoms relating to diabetes and diverticulitis. The staff at the Etherow Clinic are always in complete sympathy with the client, they have their feet firmly on the ground and always tell the client what is wrong and why they are using a particular method of treatment. They are a most caring and kind group of people whose whole reason for being is to alleviate pain and distress. Their testing expertise, to find out what is going on inside a person is reliable and trustworthy. The clinic is an environment of serenity and calm with restful décor and ambience. Even though I often go when in pain, I look forward to going, knowing I will enjoy the experience, leave feeling better and looking forward to the next time, even if it’s only for a pamper session. I have recommended the Etherow Clinic to many friends and family, all have had a positive experience!
L. Clair

“I was immediately impressed with the setup and the friendly welcome at the Etherow Clinic. I have had lots of physiotherapy done on my knee and lower back, all of which have resolved my symptoms. I have also received treatment for my food intolerances and low immune system through acupuncture, homeopathy and Vega testing and found that these treatments really work. Some people would dismiss such alternative methods but they have improved my health immensely. The Etherow team are excellent in every way; they are professional, knowledgeable and very good at what they do whilst maintaining a pleasant and friendly environment for all and everything is done to maintain patient confidentiality so you should have no concerns. I highly recommend the Etherow Clinic to anybody as they have certainly helped me on many occasions, I even take my children for physio treatment and most members of my family have been also at some point, so give them a try, you will be in good hands.”
Michael Hobson

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